Gender Fluid Style Icons

We’ve reached a point in our society where clothes or certain style trends solely being for men or women have been completely thrown out of the window. It’s absolutely beautiful to witness!! Gender Fluidity has become more socially acceptable over the years and many entertainers in Hollywood identify with this classification. Exemplifying the strong duality of the masculine and feminine energies. In this post, we want to shine a light on 5 of our favorites. 


1.) Amandla Stenberg

 (Photo via John Russo Photo)

An actress, singer and activist who is unapologetic about their veiw on life! They look amazing in a gown and a power suit!!! 

2.) Angel Haze

 (Photo va OUT Magazine)

The American Rapper identifies as agender, meaning they have no gender at all 

3.) Jaden Smith

(Photo via ETonline)

This Designer, Actor and Artist believes that clothing has no gender and had no fear including skirts or dresses in his daily wardrobe

4.) Grace Jones

(Photo via

This Model is probably the most well known gender-bending fashion icon in the world, recently stepping back on the scene to model for the latest  Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger collection

5.) Ezra Miller

(Photo via Playboy)

An actor, singer and model in husband own right is the definition of fearless!! And he looks amazing in bunny ears 


These are just a few but their are many many more, in the spotlight and out. We here at Flaunt Body see you and appreciate you!! 

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