Ten Amazing Unisex Clothing Brands

As much as I enjoy shopping, I have to say it can sometimes be a bit of a chore. Especially for the pickier clothing lover. Personally for me, I often find myself shopping in the men's section. As a matter of fact, almost every woman I know has pieces in her closet that are considered menswear. The options are always spot on when it comes to finding the perfect oversized jacket or a cool statement tee. However, I still love men's and women's clothing equally! Recently I've been doing some research to find brands that give me the duality of both, just the right amount of masculinity and femininity. 

The unisex clothing trend is more than just that, it's a revolution. It strips away the stigma of clothing only being for men or only being for women. It breaks down all restrictions and gives one room to experiment with endless style options. It also raises the question, why for so long were certain clothing styles limited to a particular gender? Thanks to these 10 brands I'm about to share with you, the fashion industry is able to take strides into all inclusive territory by providing fun and fluid fashion for all! 



First on this list is Muttonhead , the brand is described as 'Classic, Unisex And Canadian'. With a keen attention to detail, you can always expect something unique, timeless but also somehow always on trend.



The brand Blindness makes art of Unisex Fashion through the use of bold patterns and eye catching color pallets. Every runway presentation is an aesthetic dream. 



One DNA believes that there should be no difference in fashion regarding gender, age, shape or race. That alone makes then appealing but the clean minimalist look of their gender neutral basics is what keeps customers coming back for more.



Gender Free World is a funk brand that saw a need and filled the void. They noticed how restricted fashion was based solely on gender, so they decided to give options that look great and are comfortable to all. 



69 Worldwide is an LA based brand that says it has no set demographic but it definitely has something for everyone. Their items are surely not for the timid of heart! (fun fact: Erykah Badu is a loyal customer) 



Cilium is a brand that started off with two designers simply playing with the idea of gender neutral clothing and they created something innovative.



Beefcake is a revolutionary swimwear company with unisex bathing suits, yes bathing suits!! They cater to all body types! 



Svnkface is a gender neutral streetwear brand based in California with one of  kind pieces! Catch them while you can because once an item is gone, it's gone off the market forever! The brand is currently preparing their latest collection, sign up for their updates!


The brand Radimo came to fruition from the designer of the brand experiencing her own journey navigating her gender and how to express herself style wise. 


Last but definitely not least Official Rebrand! This brand believes in gender freedom and sustainability, working with only recyclable materials! With beautiful hand painted designs, this brand is certainly one to watch.

I hope you find a brand on this list you like, I know I did!! Happy Shopping!! 




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