Would You Try a Face Mask on Your Bikini Area to Prevent Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs?

If you answered a hard and resounding "No!" to this headline, you may want to reconsider. Especially because chances are if you love face masks, you may fall in love with a mask designed to prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and hyperpigmentation around the bikini line after shaving or waxing.  Let me explain...

  1. Hydrophilicity.  Sheet masks made from bio-cellulose perform better than their paper counterparts because they adhere snugly to the skin and don't allow ingredients to evaporate as quickly. The Ingrown Care Mask made from bio-cellulose delivers results while improving the appearance of the skin.  An ultra-rich serum is infused in the bio-cellulose strips that will leave skin 5 times more hydrated while delivering effective ingredients deep into the dermis; resulting in smoother, softer skin than applying a topical treatment.

  2. Single Use Application.  No daily routines after shaving or waxing required.  This should be the number 1 reason.  With one application after shaving or waxing, you can forget about it and move on with your daily routine until your next hair removal session.

  3. It Fits.  The ambiguous design is unisex and fits more than one area.  While I like to treat the area along my upper thighs, the mask can be used on any body part in which you may experience ingrown hair.

Don't let your imagination go crazy—these masks are effortless to use and not just another product that will take up shelf space in your bathroom. Whether you choose hair, bare, or barely there the Ingrown Care Mask is a game changer!

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