WE CREATE innovative products for humans that want healthy, radiant skin without a time-consuming body care routine. Our clean, vegan ingredients hydrate and heal skin on all parts of the body, from the neck down. 

WE ADVOCATE for human trafficking victims and survivors. Flaunt Body is honored to donate 5% of profits to organizations that disrupt and prevent human trafficking. In 2020, Flaunt Body supported Dream Center in New Mexico. Your next purchase will be a great addition to our next donation.


Not just another skincare brand.
What sets us apart is our focus on problem-solving and innovation for niche skin concerns.
We create products that:


Solve Niche Skin Concerns

Provide body care solutions that hone in on specific skin concerns.


Inclusive Solutions

Products are developed for her/him/them. Formulations consider all skin and skin types, including sensitive skin and the complexities of transitioning skin concerns of transgender individiuals.


On-the-Move Body Care

Versatile and efficient products designed for active lifestyles to minimize skincare routines.

Cameron Alexis Moore Founder of Flaunt Body


Cameron Alexis Moore is the founder and creative behind FLAUNT BODY. Although Cameron has a background in finance, management, and interior architecture, lifelong skin concerns turned Cameron into an entrepreneur. After receiving a master's degree in Interior Design in Chicago, IL, she created and designed sets for TV and film for FOX Network. There she realized the need for uncomplicated and efficient body care and personal grooming products for busy professionals that work long hours while balancing a 5-9, passion project, or maintaining a social life. Cameron studied formulations and ingredients while working in Houston, TX, where the brand was launched.