NINE HTX Brands Serving the Antidote to Fast Fashion

Supporting local entrepreneurs, especially women, isn't just an obligation (or a savvy business move) for The Pop-Up Co-Op founder Cara Carabajal. For this Houstonian, shopping and supporting local is a way of life.

The Pop-Up Co-Op Storefront located in River Oaks Houston, TX

A designer and wardrobe stylist showcased through Shop 1988, Cara put her money where her heart is and opened The Pop-Up Co-Op. The result is an on-trend multi-brand boutique, which challenges the current landscape of both fast fashion and big-name designers. 

If you wandered into The Pop-Up Co-Op, at first glance, it would appear to be another thoughtfully merchandised boutique. Look further and you'll find a roster of indie, under-the-radar brands that make this THE place to find thoughtful and unique fashion, accessories and skincare (including FLAUNT BODY...shameless plug). Maybe you'd realize later, or from this write-up, that most of the brands are based in Houston — and that's intentional. That intention helps create a deeper connection between the shopper and the brands— and makes the experience of shopping more fun and authentic.

So if you're seeking the perfect holiday gift or party attire at The Pop-Up Co-Op, here are 9 Houston brands guaranteed to satisfy and provide the perfect antidote to fast fashion.


ONE - SHOP 1988

 Styling and wardrobe by 1988

Images via Shop 1988
Fashion always comes back around, so why I giveaway clothes every few years that seem outdated eludes me. In steps SHOP 1988 to break the cycle by finding those once-beloved vintage pieces from major fashion houses; remixed with a modern, cool vibe. 



Bespoke and custom necklace with modern cameo face

Image via @thepopupcoophtx
If you ever played dress up as a kid and wore all the jewelry in the jewelry box at the same time, you will LOVE Alice & Chains Jewelry.  If you like your jewelry to make statements, you will LOVE Alice & Chains Jewelry. So, it appears everyone loves Alice & Chains Jewelry as their bespoke pieces sell fast. Catch a piece of arm-candy or neck couture while you can.



Modern black heels with zipper and sophisticated back detail

Image via @aliceditalia
Bespoke and custom we even need to say more?!?!  Ok, just that the heels you customize to your specification from Alice d'Italia are made for you in Italy (the Instagram pics of the Italian workshop are nostalgic and dreamy),  while the brand is based in Houston. Finally, the option to create the perfect shoes to match as many outfits as I can afford.



 Backseat Love personalized items

Images via @shopbackseatlove
When I need a cheeky gift for a good friend and I want to be a badass gift-giver, Backseat Love lets me! Their dope assortment from - Prince pins to Destiny Child coasters to non-Hallmark worthy cards that relay your true, sub-conscious levels of enthusiasm for life events - will strike the right chord with that witty and vulgar individual in your life... or yourself.



Women in holiday fashion from Christy Lynn

Image via @ChristyLynnCollection

The brand, Christy Lynn, is inspired by 'love, travel, and femininity.' The silhouettes of her pieces are timeless but effortlessly on-trend.  Christy Lynn launched the line in Houston after paying her dues in NYC with some highly acclaimed fashion designers. 



Fluffy Cloud Skincare products on marble bathroom counter

Image via @fluffycloudskincare

Fluffy Cloud Skincare products feature everything you should want for your skin... cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free ingredients. Not to mention, their Pineapple Party Mask and Fluffy Cloud Cream are made in the USA. Why wait for the shipping of your skincare re-up when you could pop into the Pop-Up when you need more.



 Redhead woman standing in front of greenery wearing sheer top and pasties

Image via @holdmypastiesplease
'Keep the nip slips classy' and keep your Insta/FB accounts in good standing thanks to the uber fun brand, Hold My Pasties Please. They cleverly solve the dilemma that might arise from sheer tops, barely-there bikinis, and revealing dresses; with an assortment of fun and expressive pasties.



Man sitting on stool in art studio wearing bohemian chic kimono from Kimono Zulu

Image courtesy of @kimonozulu
Kimono Zulu 'brings new life to vintage kimonos in a thoughtful, beautiful, and often playful way.' There are numerous ways to style their kimonos - beach cover-up, dressed up, dressed down - that it will be hard to select just one. There are three designs that I have my eye on!



Woman wearing seductive lingerie in black lace with red backgorund

Image via @touchemoi_
Touche Moi offers lingerie from 'bold and unique designers from around the world.' Their well-curated selection is empowering, beautiful and ethereal.... exactly how you're likely to feel wearing one of their pieces.


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