Four Reasons Why We Love LIZZO (and you should too)

Singer Lizzo lounging on a sofa wearing a sexy black outfit

If you don't know who Lizzo is, where have you been? She has been apart of the music scene for years, establishing several Indie Hip-Hop groups and releasing her own debut album 'Lizzobangers' in 2013. There are so many reasons to love her! Here are a few reasons why we do:

 1) Her advocacy for self love and body positivity 

(photo courtesy of @lizzobeeating on Instagram)


Almost all of her songs are anthems gushing with lyrics about self love and confidence. Growing up, she had her own battles with self acceptance and says she would never want anyone else to feel how she felt. In her own words, “This is the person I am going to be for the rest of my life and it is not going to change.” She hopes that her boldness and flaunting attitude will rub off on her listeners and inspire them to accept all that they are, flaws and all.


2) She’s a skilled flautist and twerker 

(photo courtesy of The Ellen Show)

The best part is, she does them both simultaneously!! That’s right, she is classically trained to play the flute and she doesn’t miss a beat when she dances while she plays. It’s kind of mind blowing and enchanting all at once 


 3) Her impeccable style 

(photo courtesy of Allure Magazine)

 All of her looks are always amazing, never a miss!! Bold colors, prints and lots of butt and breast to behold (just how she likes it!!) Her looks are often very detailed, borderline couture. She recently called out several high end designers for not catering to all When is comes to dressing larger sizes. She says she will now focus her attention on companies that do want to dress her and if any others want the challenge to give her a call.



 4) Her Discography 

(photo courtesy of @lizzobeeating on Instagram)

 I’ve already mentioned how empowering her music is but it’s also no way you can listen to a lizzo song and not start dancing. Her sound is so refreshing and will certainly get you moving!! Her hit and “Juice” found its way onto the Hot R&B Songs list for Billboard.


Are you in love with her yet? She’s a phenomenal woman and we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

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