Sustainable and Ethically Made Clothing with Sosha Bianca Studios

The creativity at Sosha Bianca Studios is undeniable, and their focus on sustainability is impressive. We first came across Sosha Bianca as the clothing designer for our latest photoshoot. She focuses on designing clothing that is functional, fashionable and socially conscious. 

 Sosha Bianca wearing her Chloe set

Sosha launched Sosha Bianca Studios in 2019 and ever since then she has been igniting the fashion industry with intimates to everyday garments. We couldn't wait to interview her to learn about her design process and running a business that is socially conscious.  

As an architectural designer by trade, I'm always intrigued by the design process. Can you talk us through what it looks like when you're designing a new collection? What is your favorite part of the design process? How do you find inspiration? Do you bring in other people to collaborate or is mostly your ideas brought to life? 

I see my design process as pretty simple. I start by looking at the everyday things of life and finding beauty in them. I feel sometimes we look at things and make them too complex. What are things you do each day that your thankful for and that inspire you? I start right there. Last summer I designed a dress from the inspiration of matcha. I studied how matcha looked and made me personally feel day to day and I transcribed that into designing a dress.

My favorite part of the design process is the drawing inspiration/sketching process. That’s when I feel the best and free in my work. Drawing inspiration from the simple and beautiful things in life plus viewing art, movies, colors, or just a random object brings my ideas to life so I would say it’s mainly myself but with some help of things that have some before me. 

Which outfit/piece is currently your favorite from your line? If it's like picking a favorite child, you absolutely can't, which outfit has you feeling the most confident these days? 

I would say it was the Bianca dress of last season or my Xaiden vegan leather jacket I released last fall! I honestly feel more comfortable in fuller/baggier clothes and a fresh face. I feel the sexiest and the most confident when I’m in comfy clothes. I find that it allows me to be my full self.

 vegan leather jacket on hanger from designer Sosha Bianca

How did you get started? What was your starting process as a founder?

It was learned behavior I must say! My dad has been a menswear designer for over 30 years and I’ve seen him have a love for fashion all my life.  I’ve always wanted to be a designer or do something in fashion because of him! I have lived a sustainable/conscious life for almost 8 years now so I knew after living this lifestyle and my design background that I wanted to go into the sustainable design realm. After I graduated from design school in 2018, I knew I had to just have faith and jump when God told me to. I never really had the desire to work for anyone long term and I’ve always wanted something I could call my own. I launched in 2019 after much prayer, gathering my own coins and my intimates designs.  

I admire that you are dedicated to sustainable living. Sustainable is a broad term that means something different to every brand. What does sustainability mean for Sosha Bianca Studios? What is one step that each person can take starting tomorrow that can make a difference? 

Thank you so much! It’s been a journey. Since living this lifestyle and my education, I knew there was a void in the “sustainable” community and it was becoming a buzzword. I wanted to educate and go deep within why it’s important. Sustainability means looking at the social consciousness of the world. Looking how it affects the source (production in other countries), the consumers and how it ultimately affects the world we live in. Sustainability is about the welfare if the world and that’s what it means for Sosha Bianca Studios. How a person can start making a difference is just using what you have and buying what you need. We often overspend on products that sit in our house and collect dust or in the landfill. Don’t get me wrong, I like spending sometimes as well but I do it within my ethical means.  

You wear many hats for your brand: founder, model, creative director, among many others (what can't you do?!). How do you balance and manage so many responsibilities? 

Implementing rest is crucial for me. I say no a lot and prioritize myself and my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. If I’m not able to be a service to my own body and self, I can’t be a service to others and my business. I used to go non-stop and it created major burnout along with me losing focus on my true “why". As entrepreneurs, we have to rest and take care of us! I always have to remind myself that what’s for me will ALWAYS be for me. 

What's next for Sosha Bianca Studios? 

A new collection is coming soon along with some cool expansion other than garments! I’m looking to continue to expand Sosha Bianca Studios into a household sustainable lifestyle label rather than putting myself in a box. I want to show others that all things are possible with a lot of faith and work!


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