FLAUNT BODY offers vegan, gender-neutral body care, and personal grooming products that feature clean and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Inclusivity and diversity comprise our brand's heartbeat, from our team to the all-inclusive formulations of our products. We are diligent in utilizing our platform to promote diversity and universal beauty standards. 

Download our logo, product images, and other premium media. For press inquiries, please contact: Cameron@flauntbody.com

Glossier Grant Recipient - September 03, 2020
Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show - January 20, 2020
"Ingrown hairs can be annoying and even downright painful. Flaunt Body’s genius Hair Masks work to combat them."
12 Thoughtful, Unique Gifts Under $100 From Black-Owned Brands
HUFF POST - December 07, 2020
"Just last year, the founder of Flaunt Body, Cameron Moore, launched the brand's first hero product (a brilliant mask for ingrown hairs), and the rest is history."
No Wish List Is Complete Without These Up-and-Coming Black-Owned Beauty Brands
WHO WHAT WEAR - November 14, 2020
""...Flaunt treats ingrowns with a skincare-first approach. Their unisex masks (ingrowns don’t discriminate!) use glycolic acid to slough away the dead skin cells that trap an ingrown down, and centella asiatica to soothe the area so it doesn’t leave a mark. The best part? The brilliantly simple oval design means you can stick a mask anywhere ingrowns happen, from armpits to bikini lines to neckbeards.""
Meet The Glossier Grant Initiative Winners
INTO THE GLOSS - November 20, 2020
FLAUNT BODY'S Guide to Smooth Shaving Moves
Bella Magazine - September 15, 2020
"In May, we committed to providing $500,000 in grants to support the next generation of industry leaders. Nearly 10,000 (!) applications later, we’re so excited to share these 16 incredible businesses + founders with you."
Meet the recipients of our Grant Initiative for Black-Owned Beauty Businesses!
Glossier - September 03, 2020
"Offering small brands like The Afro Skin & Hair Co., Flaunt Body, Sade Baron, and Freya & Bailey, Lindgren's other aim with Yutybazar — whose advisory board includes big names like Net-a-Porter cofounder Carmen Busquets, FLOWERBX CFO Nasreen Alimohamend, and broadcast journalist and actress Keturah King — is to feature and support indie beauty brands that are largely created by underrepresented individuals whose mission it is to empower their communities."
Meet Yutybazar, The New AI-Driven Beauty E-Commerce Site Championing Indie, Black-Owned Brands
POPSUGAR UK - August 25, 2020
"Ingrowns, meet your worst enemy. This hydrogel sheet mask isn't just a treat for underarms, bikini line, and elsewhere on your bod — it actively prevents misbehaving hairs thanks to glycolic acid and a botanical blend of aloe vera, cica, chamomile and cucumber extracts."
10 Ingrown Hair Treatments That Keep Bumps At Bay
Refinery29 - August 03, 2020
"Our main story today is about Cameron Moore, the founder of FLAUNT BODY. They make vegan, gender-neutral personal grooming and body care products that are versatile, effortless, and effective. "
A founder on a mission to provide gender-inclusive skincare
StoreyLine Weekly - July 15, 2020
"A winner of the Indie Beauty Expo’s Best in Show award for hair-removal products in 2019, the Flaunt Body Ingrown Hair Mask is the personal-care product you didn’t know you needed—and won’t know how you ever lived without."
14 Black-Owned Beauty Products You Should Really Own by Now
Reader's Digest - July 08, 2020
"The most important thing to remember about shaving facial hair is to shave in the direction of hair growth,” says Tiffany Tramaine, esthetician and skin-care pro for Flaunt Body."
How to Remove Facial Hair at Home, According to the Pros
Well + Good - July 10, 2020
"Cameron Moore is an inspiring entrepreneur who has an educational and professional background in finance and management."
10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Share Advice for Businesses Experiencing Problems Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Yahoo! Finance - June 05, 2020
150+ Black-Owned Wellness Businesses to Support Now and Always
Well + Good - June 02, 2020
FASHIONISTA - June 03, 2020
"The emergence of genderless beauty brands. One such brand, called Flaunt Body, offers skincare solutions for a problem both men and women face: ingrown hair."
Is genderless marketing a new form of personalization?
Nutritional Outlook - April 09, 2020
"FLAUNT BODY markedly outperformed other candidates at calming post-shave inflammation as well as reducing the appearance of razor burn, making their product the clear winner for IBE Best in Show 2019.”"
Indie Beauty Expo - January 21, 2020
Indie Beauty Expo - November 26, 2019
"Flaunt Body has created a handy solution for a common gender-neutral problem – ingrown hair."
Mintel - November 14, 2019
"A truly ingenious solution!"
Indie Beauty Expo London 2019: the good, the great and the best
Beau la la - November 01, 2019
"The gender-neutral shape is ideal for the bikini area, neck, chest, and underarms."
Vogue Skincare Secrets
British Vogue
"For the pesky problem of ingrown hairs and razor bump after shaving or waxing, Flaunt Body has created a solution."
The 10 Best New Beauty Products — From CBD to Face Masks, the Beauty World is Changing
Papercity Magazine
"Versatile and cruelty-free, Flaunt Body makes specialty formulations developed with bio-cellulose technology."
5 Texas Beauty Brands Set to Make a Splash at Dallas’ Indie Expo
Papercity Magazine - May 10, 2019
"It took a lot of researching and Google searching to find the manufacturer that I have now, who said, ‘We realize the trend here. We want to work with you. We can do a lower-quantity order."
Flaunt Body Is Launching With A Face Mask For The Bikini Line
Beauty Independent - December 20, 2018
Cameron Alexis Moore
Founder | Creative Director
I grew up with problematic skin that I didn’t know how to treat or resolve well into adulthood. I deferred to conventional brands, but they didn’t cover my scope of concerns; or as I would later understand, the concerns of many. Frustrated with mediocre results and questionable ingredients, I became motivated to create problem-solving personal grooming and body care that isn’t always addressed by larger brands.
Tiffany Tramaine
Consulting Esthetician
FLAUNT BODY logo on transparent background
Summer 2020 Brand Book
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"“FLAUNT BODY markedly outperformed other candidates at calming post-shave inflammation as well as reducing the appearance of razor burn, making their product the clear winner for IBE Best in Show 2019.” "
Austin Parker
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Cameron Alexis Moore
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