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Makeup is amazing, it helps us enhance our natural beauty and experiment with our appearance whether its defining cheekbones or plumping up lips, makeup has you covered!  It also has a very rich history, both men and women have been wearing makeup for centuries. The earliest documentation of makeup comes from the first dynasty of Egypt.  Both men and women were known to wear makeup made by grinding ores like malachite and galena into a substance known as kohl.  While there was some vanity in the artistry of the application, Egyptians originally believed that makeup had magical healing powers.  How amazing is that? 

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Even though it's written in history that men wore makeup too (sometimes more than women) somewhere along the line, society decided that it was to be frowned upon for men. Thankfully we have brands like Morphe Makeup challenging that narrative! In their '#Fluidity' Campaign they showcase 60 foundation shades, featuring male and female models! "Fluidity means it's for's inclusive, that's what Morphe is all about" from the lips of the founder of the brand, Linda Tawil.

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She is correct, since the start Morphe has been very inclusive, that's clear just looking at the influencers they choose to collaborate with for collections!! Including James Charles, a male beauty guru, and Trans Woman Influencer Nikita Dragun!!  Their  collections were two of the largest since the company was established.  We love Morphe and we appreciate all that they do to make makeup all inclusive.  This is so important because what is marketed to consumers should be a direct reflection of the world we live in.  We look forward to seeing more brands join the all inclusive movement! 


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