The Importance of Food in Self Care

When you think of self care, what's the first thing that comes to mind? A bubble bath, doing a face mask, a bikini line mask, reading a good book maybe? For some, (ummm... me) treating yourself to something shiny and new is definitely a form of self care! We are often told how important it is to feed our Mind, Body and Soul good things, but most don't take the "feed" part literally. It is very important that we take care of our mental health and our outward body and its also equally important we are careful about what we put in it. 

I am a skin care fanatic, absolutely obsessed with having smooth, perfect and glowing skin from head to toe! I'm true to my routine and I am always trying new things. I am also huge on meditation, with my life being so busy and go... go... go, I have to take the time to destress. Despite that, I still found myself dealing with problem skin. I spend so much money on new products, that don't change anything. Started going to yoga regularly, I thought maybe I wasn't relaxing enough? Still no change!! 

All the while, I was eating things like hot wings, Chinese takeout and every dessert you can imagine on a regular basis. What I was doing outwardly wasn't the issue, it was what I was putting inside that was the problem and my body was trying to tell me that. Once I figured that out, I realized I needed to make some huge changes. In my findings, I saw that not only was food causing my bad skin, but certain foods can cause stress on the body as well. Things such as caffeine and foods high in sodium can put a strain on your heart when consumed regularly. 

I've been a Vegan for quite a few years now and my body couldn't be more grateful. I've finally gotten that glowing skin and I feel fresh all the time, inside and out. Now I know veganism isn't everyone's choice and that's totally fine, just being more mindful of what you are doing what you know is best for you and your body's well being. We only get one body to FLAUNT so it's crucial that we treat it well. 

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